WERK.STOFF Prize for Painting

of the Andreas Felger Cultural Foundation and the Heidelberger Art Association

The WERK.STOFF Prize for Painting is a nationwide promotional prize for artists in the field of painting, which is awarded every three years. It is aimed at artists living in Germany who are not yet known to a wider audience, with no age restriction. Nominations are made by appointed nominators. The prize money is intended to enable the winner to concentrate fully on his or her own artistic development during an intensive working phase. Established on the occasion of the 80th birthday of its founder, the Andreas Felger Cultural Foundation has found a renowned cooperation partner in the Heidelberger Kunstverein for the WERK.STOFF Prize.

The WERK.STOFF Prize for Painting understands painting as an open concept. Beyond the concept of the classical canvas painting, the prize opens up to contemporary painterly practices that, among other things, expand the repertoire of materials and motifs and incorporate previously marginalized visual worlds and working methods across cultures, reach into space, create medial links, or otherwise break through conventions of the common conception of painting. In this way, the prize emphasizes the polyphony of the medium, which reflects the ongoing transformation of artistic production and the diversity of experience in a globalized world, and makes a contribution to raising public awareness of the relevance of painting as a medium.

Information on the WERK.STOFF Prize for Painting 2018

Information on the WERK.STOFF Prize for Painting 2021


1. organization of an exhibition of the five nominated artists.
2. naming the winner and awarding a prize money of 10,000 euros.
3. organization of a solo exhibition with accompanying publication for the prize winner at the Heidelberger Kunstverein.