Andreas Felger Cultural Foundation

The Andreas Felger Cultural Foundation has existed since 2002 and pursues the non-profit purpose of promoting art and culture, in particular the fine arts. The foundation’s work is based on the preservation, mediation and scientific processing of the extensive artistic work of its founder, Andreas Felger (born 1935). In addition, the foundation’s commitment explicitly extends to supporting other contemporary cultural artists.

The foundation derives the central criteria for its self-image and its work from the spirit and work of the artist Andreas Felger. His art is characterized by great versatility, both in terms of media and content, but never loses its stringency in the face of change. Felger continuously struggles for autonomous worlds of form as well as for the representation of existential basic questions of man in the field of tension of his physical-social existence and transcendental questions. His works combine the cognitive and the affective, spirituality and sensuality – they can be “read” and “felt” at the same time.

Accordingly, the foundation represents on the one hand a great openness towards the different branches and media of art, and on the other hand an unconditional trust in the autonomy and authenticity of artistic creation. Fundamental is the idea of being on the move as an artistic attitude: artists can be in a state of permanent development, the concept of art can be constantly redefined through their work.

The Andreas Felger Kulturstiftung is a foundation under civil law with legal capacity. It operates selflessly and pursues exclusively and directly charitable purposes. The seat of the foundation is Mössingen.