Your personal perspective and understanding of art will lead you to be particularly attracted to certain images from Andreas Felger’s diverse oeuvre. Is it the colors or textures of the abstract works that attract you, or do you appreciate the familiarity of landscapes or the warmth of spiritual motifs? One thing is certain: you will have a lifelong individual connection to every painting you have chosen for yourself.

Looking for inspiration to buy a painting?
Go to our online gallery on this website, in the section Œuvre section as well as under Products. In our exhibitions and at the open studio day you can also enjoy the originals.

NEW: You can also find paintings by Andreas Felger at Saatchi Art, a professional online platform that offers quality artworks on an international market. Take a look: The context plays along and the works also show up digitally with impressive material power and color beauty.

Have you found a painting you would like to purchase or are you looking for the work for reproduction?
Then contact us to inquire about availability and price or to arrange a viewing of the original.

The corresponding picture number (e.g. AF_AQ_08_0011) facilitates the assignment – please send it along, if known.

Questions still open? We will be happy to advise you.

Each work of Andreas Felger is a unique piece made and signed by the artist. Woodcuts are numbered. Our prices depend on the material, size of the work and position in the œuvre.

When purchasing a work of art by Andreas Felger, please note our terms and conditions.

Background image: Andreas Felger, untitled, 2008, Oil on canvas 200 x 200 cm; © AFKS