The publicly visible tasks of the Andreas Felger Cultural Foundation include exhibitions and publications related to the work of Andreas Felger, as well as campaigns for our art friends, events and other initiatives.

In addition, the promotion of contemporary art and culture is a statutory concern of the foundation. Initially, various projects in the fields of visual arts, theater, literature and music were supported. In the meantime, the foundation has pooled its resources and established an art award that focuses on promoting contemporary painting. Occasionally, support projects outside this framework continue to receive attention.

A newsletter informs you regularly about the activities of the foundation.


Our engagement for the arts thrives on interaction: contacts that inspire and motivate. At the same time, our work benefits significantly from donations, grants and purchases: Many collectors, connoisseurs and friends of Andreas Felger’s art, cooperation partners as well as institutional sponsors have already supported the Andreas Felger Cultural Foundation and thus made a variety of great projects possible.

Become active with us and for us!

Grants may be used generally or for specific projects as desired.

The membership in our association of friends and supporters “Andreas Felger Kunstfreunde e.V.” guarantees permanent support.