Our terms of conditions

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

You have purchased one or more works of art by the artist Andreas Felger. We hope that you will enjoy them and would like to draw your attention to the following:

With the purchase of one or more originals, you acquire ownership of the work(s) of art. In contrast, according to § 44 of the Copyright Act, the copyright remains with the artist and the rights of use with the Andreas Felger Cultural Foundation, whose purpose is to preserve and promote the artistic work of Andreas Felger.

This means that the use of the original, e.g. for reproduction or use in the media (print, television, internet etc.), whether for commercial or non-commercial purposes, requires the express written consent of the Foundation and is subject to a fee. Unauthorised use or reproduction of the original constitutes an infringement of the Foundation’s copyright. Furthermore, any distortion of the work is not permitted.

The following regulation applies to the reproduction of originals:

In order to preserve the authenticity of the original, the printing of maps, posters etc. should only be carried out in accordance with the Foundation’s own quality criteria. Reproduction of originals is not permitted without prior written consent. If requested, the Foundation is happy to cooperate, which guarantees a high quality of execution.

If required, please contact the Foundation:

Andreas Felger Cultural Foundation

Löwensteinplatz 1, 72116 Mössingen, Germany

info@af-kulturstiftung.de, www.af-kulturstiftung.de

In the event of cooperation with the Foundation, you will receive a cost estimate from the Foundation. This will depend on the intended use, print run and layout. In order to achieve a high-quality and cost-effective realisation of your print, your request should be submitted to the Foundation approx. 2 months before the print.

In the case of a public exhibition of the purchased original/s, to which you as the purchaser are entitled according to § 44 para. 2 UrhG, a written consent of the Foundation is required. We therefore ask you to inform the Foundation in good time of the location and duration of the exhibition and to obtain the Foundation’s consent. The artist must be named in a visible and unambiguous place in connection with the exhibited original/s.

In order to exercise the rights under Section 26 UrhG, you as the purchaser are obliged to notify the Foundation immediately of any resale of the works and to disclose the name and address of the purchaser as well as whether the purchaser is an art dealer or auctioneer. In addition, you oblige the purchaser of the work(s) of art to comply with the same duty to inform the Foundation and provide them with the last known contact details of the Foundation.

You or your heirs may not destroy the acquired work(s) of art without first having given the Foundation the opportunity to collect the work(s) of art by setting a deadline of at least 3 months. If the Foundation collects the work(s) of art, you shall transfer ownership of it to the Foundation free of charge. The costs of collection shall be borne by the Foundation. Destruction of the work(s) of art in breach of the above obligations violates the Foundation’s moral rights granted by the author and obliges you to compensate the Foundation for the immaterial damage.

By purchasing one or more works of art by Andreas Felger, you agree that the Foundation may display images of the work(s) of art on its homepage, for the purpose of advertising or in other publications.

In order to guarantee the right of access according to § 25 UrhG, you are obliged to inform the Foundation of any change in your contact details.

Thank you very much!

The Board of the Andreas Felger Cultural Foundation

Backround image: Andreas Felger, untitled, 2008, oil on canvas, 200 x 140 cm; © AFKS