Friends of Art Andreas Felger e. V.

– A support association for the Andreas Felger Cultural Foundation

The circle of Kunstfreunde (Art Friends) of Andreas Felger e. V. was founded by the Andreas Felger Kulturstiftung at the end of 2014 – on the occasion of the 80th birthday of the founder. Thus, a long-cherished wish of the artist was put into practice.

On the one hand, members of Kunstfreunde support the foundation in its commitment around the art of Andreas Felger, for example in special exhibitions or publications. Above all, however, the association has set itself the goal of promoting contemporary artists. For example, the WERK.STOFF Prize for Painting, which the Foundation awards in cooperation with the Heidelberger Kunstverein, is largely supported by our members. Sponsorship projects such as the organ composition CREDO are also supported by the association.

One of the highlights of the association’s year is the Tag der Kunstfreunde (Day of Art Friends): every year a new exciting program awaits you! The focus is on the dialogical examination of the art of Andreas Felger, in addition to other cultural experiences. Furthermore, there are regular opportunities to exchange ideas with other art lovers at exhibitions, readings, music, lectures and the open studio days.

Over 100 members already feel connected through the art of Andreas Felger. Many of our Kunstfreunde are passionate connoisseurs of his art and long-time companions. Our goal is to provide a platform for encounters, exchange and networking among enthusiasts and collectors as well as for new members of Kunstfreunde.

The Board of Kunstfreunde Andreas Felger e. V.


Werner Baur, Chairman

© Foto Faden

Dr. Hermann Berner, Deputy Chairman

© Foto Gleiss Lutz

Dr. Martin Schockenhoff, Board Member

© Foto FF

Friedemann Felger, Board Member

© Foto AFKFeV

Lothar Vees, Cash Auditor