Andreas Felger, untitled, 2015
Öl auf Leinwand, 100 x 150 cm © AFKS
Oil on canvas
100 x 150 cm

Jesus’ death on the cross: God sacrifices his Son to redeem us through his blood. Who still understands that today?
And then the resurrection. Central to the Christian message – but the majority of Christians today no longer believe in the “resurrection”!
At our house, in the Herrgottswinkel, hung a traditional Biedermeier cross with the corpus of the maltreated and bleeding Jesus. It had become questionable to us, we were looking for something different, something that would give everyone their own personal access to Jesus’ death and resurrection.

Then we saw this picture by Andreas Felger, we looked at each other and agreed: this is the resurrection. Light, warm light, bright light, glistening light. A window into the open future, grounded and heavenly at the same time, earthly and transcendent. This image does not pin anyone down to a particular idea of resurrection, but it does invite us to reflect on resurrection.

And the Biedermeier cross? We have found a replacement for that too. The gilded wooden panel by Hermann Bigelmayr from Munich. No suffering Jesus, no blood. Abstraction makes personal access possible – as is the case with the painting by Andreas Felger.
Both works together now form our Herrgottswinkel – and shine every day!

Text by Martina und Martin Schockenhoff

Martina Schockenhoff is a diploma theologian, psychotherapist and yoga teacher in Ludwigsburg. Martin Schockenhoff is a lawyer in Stuttgart and a member of the board of the Association Friends of Art Andreas Felger e. V.