Acquire licences

Andreas Felger’s work is rich in motifs that inspire many different uses. The artist and the Andreas Felger Kulturstiftung look back on over thirty years of experience in publishing high-quality art publications, card editions, posters and calendars in collaboration with numerous publishers.

We can also make this expertise available to you and your company. We offer a wealth of motifs for licensed use, especially for printed matter. Choose for example:

  • a rhythmic abstraction for a music CD cover
  • a bouquet of flowers for a birthday invitation
  • a winter image for the company’s New Year’s greetings
  • a light motif for the parish newsletter
  • an angel as wall decoration

We would be happy to compile an individual pre-selection of pictures according to your wishes on request. Please contact the office of the Andreas Felger Kulturstiftung for a quotation and for all questions regarding image licensing:

Please note that any public use or reproduction of images of Andreas Felger’s artworks – including those in our own possession – requires the express permission of the Andreas Felger Kulturstiftung as the managing owner of the copyright. Violations will be prosecuted. For approved uses, our terms of conditions must be observed.

» Here you will find our terms of conditions for image licensing.

Backround image: Andreas Felger, untitled, 2002, oil on canvas, 80 x 100 cm, © Foto AFKS