Andreas Felger, Untitled, 2005
Watercolour on paper, 74 x 65 cm © AFKS
74 x 65 cm


A piece of summer, radiance, warmth, softness, intimacy, closeness, love glow – a power and intensity that is unparalleled. The motif jumped out of the page, literally moved to my body and beamed into my heart: “Take me!” I couldn’t help but choose it as my favorite. And when I read the text to it, my heart was overwhelmed in another way. (…)
“And the Lord spoke unto Moses, saying: Speak unto all the congregation of the children of Israel, and say unto them: You shall be holy, for I am holy the Lord, your God.” (3. Mose 19:2)
At first one could get the idea that the two cuboids stand for the two tablets of law on which God lets present the 10 commandments to his people. The God who appeared to the Israelites out of the fire transmits two fiery burning clay tablets through his friend Moses. Glowing, they reflect his blazing passion and his irrepressible striving for justice.
My heart interprets differently, sees the summer, smells the embers of love, feels attracted: In my eyes, the two squares are emblematic of man and God. No above and below. Equal coexistence. No angular shapes that could bump into each other or hurt each other. Soft, erect forms, leaning against each other. Clearly recognizable as two – and yet soon becoming one. The whole seems stable and immovable, the two forms support and hold each other intimately. It flows between the two. And the flow takes no end, it continues. Breathing together. Acting together. Living together.

Text by Eva Jung

*1968 in Landau/Pfalz, studied communication design, advertising copywriter, member of the Art Directors Club Germany, winner of numerous national and international creative awards. She initiates and designs the Christian Internet platform She became known through the card series “Godcards”, which she designed and which makes the “Good News” of the Bible understandable in a surprising way and outside the usual clichés.

Text excerpt from: Eva Jung, The Commandments in the Furnace of Affection, in: Norbert Lammert (ed.), So sehe ich die Bibel. Persönliche Einblicke in das Buch der Bücher, with watercolors by Andreas Felger, Gnadenthal 2008, pp. 26-27.