Andreas Felger, born in Mössingen-Belsen in 1935, has been active as a painter, draftsman, graphic artist and sculptor for six decades. In 1952, he had begun his career with an apprenticeship as a pattern draftsman at Pausa AG and accompanied subsequent art studies in Munich with free design work for the company.

From 1959, the collaboration intensified and Felger advanced to become one of the most important textile designers of the successful company, which he left in 1980. Well over a thousand fabrics from his design hand, including the well-known Africana and Mexicana series, preserved in the Pausa archive in Mössingen, bear witness to his enormous textile design output. At the same time, this harbored a creative impetus for the freelance art-making he pursued in parallel since the 1960s, initially focusing on woodcut. “The Pausa got me going,” the artist himself says of this period.

Significantly, it was in the rooms of the art-savvy Pausa AG that Felger presented his first solo exhibition of prints in 1974.

The Hechingen exhibition “ANDREAS FELGER. WOOD CUTTINGS” builds a bridge to this starting point.

With a retrospective view of six creative decades, Andreas Felger is presented as a woodcutter. In the colored woodcuts Felger condenses colors and forms into impressive compositions, in which he not infrequently portrays his Swabian homeland in all its grace and roughness, deals with biblical themes of the Old and New Testaments, and draws inspiration from works by contemporary composers.

Villa Eugenia
Zollernstr. 10
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