Chemnitz, Wirkbau, Halle D
11.03. – 01.05.2019

Adorno’s famous word about the impossibility of human expression after Auschwitz is still in our consciousness. It is the truth about the powerlessness and uselessness of the human word when the worst happens. Words like “it is indescribable” are often heard, and “one struggles for words” is a hopeless wrestling match. Despite all this, the words gather anew. Perhaps they gather to form a dam to pile up new catastrophes, Perhaps it was also an attempt made in this exhibition project to leave the word and use image and music as means of expression.

Felger and Schönberg used their art for this purpose. These are not concrete, documentary images; they are bits and pieces from the Holocaust.

Seventy years is nothing in history, but in human life, things that happened seventy years ago are almost archaeology. Hence the individual fragments, boots, half faces, helmets, pieces of rifles, as they are brought to light during excavations. All these monuments in the most original sense of the word: a mark that makes us not only remember, but also think. Remembering, shaking and thinking: these three are to make a Holocaust never come again.

Yehuda Amichai

Wirkbau Chemnitz, Halle D
Lothringer Str. 11
09111 Chemnitz