Kalteneck Castle, Holzgerlingen
30.05. – 21.06.2015

The exhibition ANDREAS FELGER. THE BIBLE brings together for the first time all the watercolour paintings of the Bible by Andreas Felger. After a brilliant start in Holzgerlingen in 2015, it will be shown at other venues in the coming years.

The artist says of his many years of artistic engagement with the Bible: “One constant in my artistic work is my preoccupation with the Bible. For five decades now, among many other things, I have repeatedly dealt with central themes and prayers of the Christian and Jewish faith. For me, the Bible is a book of profound wisdom, in which the joys and pains of human existence, the drama and the beauties of life are portrayed in all their facets. Therefore, it is an inexhaustible source of knowledge whose richness inspires and challenges me to this day.”

Andreas Felger’s artist’s bible was published in 2006 with 140 colour plates and 160 sketches. A large number of the pictures were created for the first publication in this book. The watercolours and sketches he chose for the design speak their own language. They are an expression of lived faith, repeated meditation and penetration. They invite an encounter and dialogue between man and God, create meditative moments and open up new approaches to Holy Scripture.

The exhibition is accompanied by a catalogue book published in 2015 by adeo Verlag: ANDREAS FELGER. IMAGES OF THE BIBLE

Burg Kalteneck, Holzgerlingen
30. Mai – 21. Juni 2015

Kloster Mariaberg
13. März – 05. Juni 2016